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Atlantic Salmon.jpg

Known as the 'King of fish', they are among the greatest fighters in the fishing world.

Weight Range
2 lb 68 lb
Chum Slugs
Heaviest Rod 50-200
Favorite Bait Catch Chance
Tares Below Average
Beetle Larvae Below Average
Wax Moth Caterpillar Below Average
Lob Worm Below Average
Chafer Beetle Good
Hellgrammite Good
Salamander Good
Bow River Bluebell Point (Night)
Fair Waters
Sapphire Serenade
Silverwood Valley
Loch Duich Castle View
Castle View (Night)
Golden Range
Macdonald Retreat
Stirling Point
Turnberry Waters
Kenai River Stillwater Retreat
Infinite Valley
Boundless Waters (Night)
Sunview Shores