River Stour

Requirements: Boots Level 1


Fish Available Here

Total: 16

Baits & Rod Weights

Heaviest Rod Weight for Fish Type
Bait 0-5, 0-10 5-20 10-30 20-50 30-100 50-200 100-600
Bread Bleak Chub
Earthworm Bleak, Minnow, Rudd
Sweetcorn Bitterling, Bleak, Dace, Grayling, Minnow
Maggot Bitterling, Dace, Minnow, Roach, Rudd
Pinkies Bitterling, Grayling
Crawdad Bitterling, Bleak
Scud Bitterling, Bleak, Dace, Grayling, Roach Chub Carp, Mirror Carp
Nymph Bitterling, Dace, Roach, Rudd Chub, Golden Orfe
Cricket Dace
Dough Loach, Roach, Rudd
Tadpole Bitterling, Bleak, Dace, Roach
Grasshopper Grayling, Rudd Chub
Ant Minnow
Tares Bullhead, Grayling
Cheese Bleak, Minnow Golden Orfe
Beetle Larvae Loach, Rudd
Red Worm Loach Chub
Wax Moth Caterpillar Bitterling Eel
Wasp Grub
Creek Chub Minnow Wels Catfish
Bee Loach, Rudd Eel
Dragonfly Bitterling, Bullhead Chub
Smelt Wels Catfish
Cat Food Bullhead, Loach, Minnow Chub, Eel Carp
Lob Worm Dace Carp, Wels Catfish
Blood Worm Grayling
Mealworm Minnow, Roach, Rudd
Hemp Seed Minnow Carp, Mirror Carp, Wels Catfish
Hot Dog Golden Orfe Carp
Red Boilies Chub Carp, Mirror Carp
Clam Roach Chub, Eel, Golden Orfe Mirror Carp
Emerald Shiner Wels Catfish
Casters Bullhead, Grayling Eel, Golden Orfe
Cut Fish Pieces Wels Catfish
Salmon Roe Loach Carp, Mirror Carp
Chicken Liver Loach, Roach Eel
Herring Wels Catfish
Golden Shiner Wels Catfish
Sausage Mirror Carp
Panfish Wels Catfish
Chafer Beetle Bullhead Carp
Leech Bullhead, Loach Eel, Golden Orfe Carp
Cicada Bullhead, Loach
Luncheon Meat Mirror Carp
Mouse Wels Catfish
Marshmallow Chub Carp
Salamander Carp, Mirror Carp
Super Bait Eel, Golden Orfe Carp
Ultra Paste Carp, Mirror Carp
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