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A freshwater gamefish with a long and rounded body.

Weight Range
0.2 lb 5.2 lb
Chum Maggots
Heaviest Rod 0-10, 5-20
Favorite Bait Catch Chance
Crawdad Below Average
Nymph Good
Tadpole Good
Ant Good
Wasp Grub Below Average
Creek Chub Minnow Below Average
Dragonfly Below Average
Lob Worm Below Average
Cut Fish Pieces Below Average
Herring Below Average
River Stour Misty Banks
Misty Banks (Night)
Serene Sanctuary
Murray River Blossom Banks
Blossom Banks (Night)
Laguna Lake
Restful Retreat
Sunny Haven
Violet View
Loch Duich Castle View
Castle View (Night)
Golden Range
Macdonald Retreat
Stirling Point
Turnberry Waters